Switch from PowerShell ISE to Visual Studio Code

Part 1 — Azure Subscription Signup
Part 2 — Switch from PowerShell ISE to Visual Studio Code
Part 3 — Get Started with a GitHub Repo (fork, clone, edit & push the repo)
Part 4 — Deploy Some Test Azure Resources & Azure AD Users
Part 5 — Use PowerShell to configure Lighthouse and Manage Resources in Another Subscription

I saw a long thread on twitter this week questioning why people still use ISE for PowerShell given its deprecated and it got me thinking. I’ve used PowerShell ISE since it was released. It’s easy to adopt, a great tool for beginners and it was installed on all my devices by default.

In the last few years I've switched to Visual Studio Code (VSCode)because it made writing Terraform a whole lot easier. Now I use VSCode for most things but if I didn't need to collaborate with my team to write large complicated pieces of code for Terraform deployments, I probably would have stuck with ISE.

If you’re keen to make the jump before ISE is no more, this post will quickly step through setting up Visual Studio Code with a terminal so it looks like the ISE you know and love.

Once it’s set up, we’ll download a basic repo from GitHub so you have something to test it out with.

First, Install VSCode and Git

  • First up, download and install Visual Studio Code

Next, Make VSCode look like the ISE aka, Install VSCode Extensions & Set Up the Terminal

  • For good measure, right click and run VSCode as administrator so we can install the PowerShell Cmdlets that we need
  • To make VSCode look similar to PowerShell ISE, open up a new terminal.
  • Now it looks a bit more familiar.
    In the bottom right hand corner you should see that the terminal that has opened is PowerShell by default
  • Hit CTRL + SHIFT + P to open up the Commands menu
  • You’ll be presented with your options, select Git Bash or PowerShell
  • Now VSCode looks pretty much like the ISE with added languages as a bonus!
  • If you want to go all out open File > Preferences > Colour Theme and choose the ISE theme to make it look 100% like the ISE :P
Argh, my eyes! The goggles do nothing!

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